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Liberal And Lucrative: Liberal Arts Careers That You Can Make Lucrative

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If you are a creative type,a liberal arts education and career may appeal to you over any other. There is a large push for people to go into STEM fields, with some disparaging remarks about what to expect later in life as a liberal arts college graduate. Here are some careers in the liberal arts that you can make lucrative if you are a creative type. 

eBook and Print Book Art Illustrator

If you love art itself, including creating beautiful paintings and drawings, becoming a book illustrator is a good career choice. Illustrators for all types of books are needed, including children's books, medical and science diagrams, book covers and more. As a person who works with ebook authors, you can easily freelance and have an easy going work environment through the internet. You can also work with a company that finds you work or assigns you to work with their authors for a constant work stream. Art illustrators for books can make upwards of around $75,000 per year, depending on the projects they preform. 

Magazine Editor (moonlighting as a Freelance Editor)

If working on books or magazines is your thing, becoming a magazine editor can be a process well worth the education. There are magazines, both print and emags, for every hobby and interest. Whether it is sea bass fishing, luxury clothing, or wine, you can find a magazine that is dedicated to your preferred path. Editors make a little under $50,000 on average, while senior editors are likely to bring in an average income of over $70,000. As an owner of a magazine, you stand to make even more, with a median salary of $101,000 per year. 

Industrial and Organizational Psychologist

If you are a problem solver and analyzer by nature, with a creative twist to any of your ideas, the field of organizational psychology may be for you. As an organizational psychologist, you will visit businesses and work environments to analyze productivity and provide a working plan on productivity increase, workplace relationships and engagement, and policy changes. This job increase worker happiness and satisfaction by changing interpersonal relationships and changing business practices to encourage positive growth and engagement with workers. The mean annual wages of those who work in the field of industrial-organizational psychology is at around $92,000. This number can be slightly lower or slightly higher depending on the types of companies and industries you choose to work with.