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5 Exciting Electrical Jobs You Can Get After Receiving Your Electrical Certification

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Do you have a dream of being an electrician but think your chance is lost due to age? You can still enroll in an electrical course and get into your dream job. Electricians are always in high demand because the world depends on electrical systems to run. Practically, almost every facet of life depends on electrical power, including education, medicine, entertainment, finance, transport, hospitality, and so on. There are all kinds of electrical jobs if you have the skills needed to keep these systems running. Your main roles are to design, install, test, maintain and repair electrical systems. What are some of the opportunities open to you after certification? 

1. Residential Electrician 

The most common type of electrician is the residential electrician. They usually install and maintain electrical wiring and equipment in single-family homes of different sizes. The work is usually less complex than other types of electrical work, so it's a good entry-level job for those who are new to the electrical trade.

2. Commercial Electrician

Commercial electrical work is similar to electrical work in residential jobs; the main difference is that commercial jobs are usually more complex. This type of electrician maintains power to large buildings, including hospitals, airports, schools, and office towers. 

Commercial electricians ensure different electrical systems in these establishments run smoothly, including lighting systems, air conditioning units, elevators, etc. 

3. Industrial Electrician 

Electricians working in industrial electrical jobs maintain electrical machinery and equipment used in industrial settings such as farms, construction sites, and factories to produce everyday items like food and automobiles. 

This electrical work requires a lot of electrical knowledge because industrial electrical systems differ from commercial or residential electrical systems. Also, industrial electricians have more electrical specialist components to work with.

4. Auto Electrician 

An auto electrician specializes in electrical systems for automobiles, from electrical wiring to electrical components such as starters, spark plugs, and alternators. They have to create an electrical system that works perfectly under any circumstances. The electrical system of a car affects the car's performance, fuel efficiency, and safety, so it calls for high skills. 

5. Electrical Entrepreneur 

You can opt to become an electrical entrepreneur and sell electrical components or do electrical contractor jobs. You will be responsible for the overall management of your electrical contracting business, from hiring employees to marketing your services.  Electrical contracting businesses can range from small operations with no employees other than you to large businesses with dozens of employees.

Do you still want to see your dream of being an electrician come true? Contact a company like the Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association to learn more about electrical jobs.