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Build Your Freelance Medical Coding And Billing Business With These Tips

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When you make the decision to break out on your own and start a freelance medical coding and billing company, the idea of attracting clients may be a daunting one. Doing coding and billing for a physician is an important job, as you will be tasked with ensuring that the doctor receives all the money due them; you need to present yourself as a competent professional who can be trusted with their finances. Read More»

Liberal And Lucrative: Liberal Arts Careers That You Can Make Lucrative

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If you are a creative type,a liberal arts education and career may appeal to you over any other. There is a large push for people to go into STEM fields, with some disparaging remarks about what to expect later in life as a liberal arts college graduate. Here are some careers in the liberal arts that you can make lucrative if you are a creative type.  eBook and Print Book Art Illustrator Read More»